Hit the Delete Products option from the Account Management section. Step 2. Click Remove Gmail Permanently option under Delete a Product tab. When you see the below interface, enter the password to confirm your action and hit the Delete Google Account to continue. Step 3. On the next interface, tick out the Yes, I want to permanently delete Under “Account Preferences” click “Delete your account or services” Step: 4 – Now there are two things. Delete products Or Delete Google Account and Data. If you want to delete associated products, chose the first option. Here’s how to do it. Change or remove an email address In Gmail, in the top-left corner, click on the dropdown arrow next to Gmail (for some, it may say Mail) and choose Contacts. Then click into the contact that you want to delete. Sep 28, 2018 · Click "Delete Gmail." Then, click "Done." According to Google Account Help, "If you use Gmail through your work, school, or other group, contact your administrator." The administrator of the Oct 07, 2013 · Deleting someone from your Gmail contacts is something that you can do right from your inbox. Delete someone from your Gmail contacts with help from a software engineer with broad and extensive Jan 11, 2019 · 1. Delete all emails. Deleting all your emails in Gmail is simple: open Gmail, select the inbox tab you want to clear out (Primary, Promotions, etc.) and click the small empty box in the top left

If you type older_than:1y, you'll receive emails older than 1 year. You can use m for months or d for days, as well. If you want to delete them all, click the Check all box, then click "Select all

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How To Automatically Delete Old Emails in Gmail